Our holiday home ownership options not only ensure that you have guaranteed accommodation at Cayley Mountain Resort but that you are also assured a sound investment.

Invest in a Luxury Mountain Villa

This option is for those who wish to purchase an Hotel Suite up to an entire 3 bedroom upmarket Villa mainly for its excellent investment return potential. You are guaranteed personal usage time in your luxury Villa each year. This is also known as Sectional Title Ownership.

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4 Weeks Guaranteed Holiday Time

This option guarantees you 4 weeks of exclusive holidays in your own luxury, self-catering holiday Villa or a Suite within the Villa. This is also known as Fractional Ownership.

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1-3 Weeks Guaranteed Annual Holiday Time

This option guarantees you 1 to 3 weeks holiday time in your own beautifully furnished modern Chalet with access to all the Resort facilities. This is also known as Timeshare Ownership.

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When you purchase into Cayley Mountain Resort you automatically enjoy membership to the Beekman Managed Portfolio. Not only do you get guaranteed holiday time but also a wealth of other benefits, including exclusive access to the other high-end resorts developed and managed by BMP. You also get the option to exchange into 4000+ local and international resorts!

Holiday Flexibility

Beekman Managed Portfolio (BMP) offers holiday flexibility through the various ownership options that cater for all holiday needs.

Hassle Free Ownership

BMP is a collection of the high-end resorts developed by the Beekman Group, which has over 50 years’ industry experience. BMP will manage all maintenance and day-to-day operations.

Exclusive Access to all BMP Luxury Resorts

You have access to the other upmarket BMP Home Pool Resorts. These luxury resorts are located in the most sought-after locations across Southern Africa.

Exchange Possibilities – iExchange

You also have the option of exchanging into 4000+ exciting local and international resorts courtesy of our timeshare exchange partner iExchange!

Yours to Own

If you are interested in owning at Cayley Mountain Resort here are our details:

0861 233 562 / +27 39 688 5483