Exchanging your ownership for new destinations

Did you know that your Cayley Mountain Resort ownership can take you to new and exciting destinations, even overseas?

Home Pool Resorts

As a BMP Owner, you can choose to exchange your usage time into any one of the other luxury BMP properties. This is called the Home Pool Resorts. BMP’s Home Pool Resorts boast of luxurious accommodations second to none as well as a variety of quality on-site facilities to keep you entertained at some of the most sought-after locations in South Africa and beyond. Please click here to view the resorts in the BMP Home Pool.


In addition to the Home Pool resorts you have access to, BMP allows you the luxury of travelling to 4000+ local and international holiday destinations through our partnership with iExchange!

For more information on how exchanging works and how to make an exchange booking, please visit the BMP FAQs page here and choose your type of ownership (Sectional Title Owner Fractional Title or Timeshare Owner). 

Please click here to view all the resorts available to you.