Exchanging Your Week

As a Cayley Mountain Resort owner, you can choose to exchange your usage time into any one of the other Luxury BMP properties. This is called the Home Pool Resorts. BMP’s Home Pool Resorts boast of luxurious accommodations second to none as well as a variety of quality on-site facilities to keep you entertained at some of the most sought-after locations in South Africa and beyond.


In addition to the Home Pool resorts you have access to, BMP allows you the luxury of travelling to even more destinations. Through a simple bank and exchange system courtesy of iExchange, owners can deposit their home resort week/s into the combined exchange pool and swop it for a holiday elsewhere.

How does it work?

  • Once your levies are paid, phone us and we will help you bank your week
  • You get Exchange Credits from BMP to the value of your banked week
  • Use your exchange credits to book at other BMP resorts or at any other partner resort worldwide, courtesy of iExchange

How do I make an Exchange Booking?

  • Our call centre staff will assist with your booking
  • At this point, you can chat to us about various options and available resorts
  • You can also consult the resort directory online

Are there any Exchange Fees Payable?

For Timeshare and Fractional Title owners, exchanges into the BMP Home Pool Resort are FREE of charge. Visit our website or contact our call centre for the exchange fee costs.


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