Meet the management couple

Gerhard and Natasja van den Heever recently took over the reins at Cayley Mountain Resort, with Gerhard as the general resort manager and Natasja heading up the housekeeping team. Before relocating to the stunning Central Drakensberg area, the dynamic couple previously ran Hazyview Cabanas in Mpumalanga, as well as two other Drakensberg resorts.

“Together, we have more than 21 years’ experience in the industry and we love the quality lifestyle, beautiful settings, new challenges daily and diverse work requirements,” said Gerhard. Gerhard also shared why everyone should come to the resort. “We have the best views in the Berg, upmarket accommodation, we have high quality service for our guests and the friendliest staff.”

In their spare time, the couple enjoys trail running, fishing and hiking so they are right in their element, although Gerhard admits that finding spare time can be difficult because overseeing a resort can be a 24/7 job!