New Electric Bumper Boats at Cayley Beach Club

Cayley Mountain Resort is turning up the excitement at Cayley Beach Club! We’ve introduced an amazing new activity, Electric Bumper Boats, that are guaranteed to bring laughter and fun to your holiday experience. This fabulous new activity makes Cayley Beach Club, the only Beach in the Berg, even more fun than it’s ever been before.

The joy of navigating these awesome bumper boats through the water, dodging and bumping your opponents in playful battles cannot be underestimated. Whether you’re seeking family fun or going on a team-building expedition, these Electric Bumper Boats promise not just an unforgettable aquatic adventure but also a versatile and enjoyable experience, suitable for all ages. Please also note that kids under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

To book an incredible water adventure at Cayley Beach Club, contact us at +27 36 468 1222. Or visit our Cayley Beach Club webpage to find out about additional fun activities at this amazing facility at our resort.

Get ready for a splash of excitement and holiday fun!