Tips for Family-Friendly Holidays in the Drakensberg

Planning a holiday where every family member can thoroughly enjoy themselves can be challenging. With so many personalities and varying tastes, choosing the right holiday destination can be daunting. The Drakensberg, with its peaceful surroundings and natural landscapes (formed millions of years ago) offers holidaymakers several opportunities for thrilling adventures and lasting holiday memories.

To ensure that your holiday in this magnificent region is as stress-free as possible, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips that will enhance your experience of the Berg.

Drakensberg Accommodation

To ensure a memorable family-friendly holiday, it is crucial to choose accommodation that caters to everyone’s needs. Cayley Mountain Resort (CMR) offers a spacious and fully self-catering Two Bedroom Villa with Splash Pool that can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people. With stunning views of Cathkin Peak and Champagne Castle Ranges.

Our Berg resort also offers a plethora of family-friendly activities such as an idyllic picnic spot alongside the Bell Park Dam, the Cayley Beach Club with an inflatable waterpark, and LEAP Adventures offering thrill-seekers action-packed activities.

Packing Essentials

Packing for a family holiday is not always easy, but with a little planning, you’ll have all the necessary ingredients for a stress-free holiday.

Pack essential items: Pack items that are necessary for your family’s well-being, such as disposable nappies, wet wipes, padkos (snacks for on the road), sunscreen, insect repellent, medication, and spare clothes. It’s also a good idea to pack a basic first aid kit just in case of bumps and scrapes kids often encounter during outdoor activities.

Pack according to your activities: Pack appropriate clothing based on the activities you have in mind. If you plan to go hiking or exploring the area, bring comfortable, sturdy shoes or hiking boots, and a physical map since some hiking trails may not be accurately shown on digital maps. And, if you’re planning on swimming or soaking in a jacuzzi, don’t forget to pack enough swimwear.

Pack for self-catering accommodations: If you plan to stay in self-catering accommodations, make sure to pack groceries, including ingredients, spices, and condiments to make your favourite recipes.

Food and Dining

Holidays are an opportunity to unwind and indulge, which is why it’s perfectly acceptable to take a break from cooking and find family-friendly dining options. Search for restaurants with kids’ menus and varied cuisines that typically cater to different tastes.

If you’re in the mood for traditional South African dishes or international food, the on-site restaurant at CMR, the Bell and Whistle, offers a diverse range of delicious meals to choose from. Or, if you’re in the mood for coffee or a refreshing iced tea with a tasty baked treat on the side, the Steam Café (nestled in Daily @ Cayley) provides a welcome and cosy atmosphere.

For a memorable dining experience, enjoy light meals and snacks at The View, located beside the sparkling infinity pool on the stunning resort premises; an opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal while soaking up the mesmerising views of the Berg.

And, when you’re out exploring the region, carry snacks, bottled water, and other special dietary requirements your family may need.

Safety Tips

Prioritising safety during family holidays is crucial. The first step is to set guidelines for supervising children in unfamiliar environments, ensuring they know what to do in case they get lost or separated.

As soon as you arrive at your accommodation, familiarise yourself with the location of emergency exits and establish any designated meeting points. In the event of a medical emergency, the Emmaus Hospital, located on Cathedral Peak Road in Winterton, is the nearest Public Hospital.

Ensuring these basic safety measures are in place will provide peace of mind, ensuring that you and your family fully enjoy a secure and unforgettable holiday experience in the remarkable Drakensberg region.

Keeping Safe Around Wildlife

While Baboons and Vervet monkeys are fascinating animals to observe from a distance, they can also be a nuisance and potentially dangerous if they become too accustomed to human presence. These primates are abundant in the Drakensberg and known for their curious and mischievous behaviour, especially when it comes to food.

To avoid attracting these animals, store your food securely in a cooler box or a locked container and dispose of any waste properly in the available bins. Never leave any food or drinks out in the open, even for a short time. And, if you and your family are going out, please keep your unit windows closed to ensure that these animals do not cause havoc in your unit while you’re away.

If you do encounter these mischievous creatures, keep a safe distance. It’s also important to teach children about the importance of respecting wildlife and not feeding or provoking baboons, monkeys, or any other animals in the area.

Overall, before setting out on a family-friendly holiday adventure, proper planning contributes to an enjoyable holiday experience in this beautiful region. By having precautions in place, you can confidently explore the natural wonders of the Drakensberg with the people you love.